Face911- How it all started

This is the first Blog in my series I am going to be doing. The series is going to be about my journey for better skin. Please follow the blog to see beginning to end how I saved my skin.

I have always had great skin. Even through my teen years. I never had breakouts or acne. Well fast forward a few years and about a month ago I just had the worst break out I have ever had.

Skincare has never been something I thought about, as I took it for granted that my skin has always been great. Even with my background in skincare it was never something I took special care of. So naturally I didn’t have anything to use for the breakout. I was between a rock and a hard place. I wanted to get something that was going to help me in the long run and not cost my whole salary to buy.

After doing my home work and reading Cara Fay’s  blog “Body shop saved my skin.”  I decided that I should give The Body Shop a try. I read through her blog and some other blog posts and settled on the a few products.

I will be doing a few posts following up on my skin the next couple of weeks. Please follow along on my journey.


You can follow me on my snapchat to see my day to day skin care.

My snapchat is Anz





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