BH Cosmetics Foil Eyes Palette Review

I have recently received my order from BH cosmetics and was very excited to try out the shadow palettes that I purchased. To be very honest I was extremely concerned about the foil eyes palette. Any eye shadow that claims to be foiled finished has very high expectation to fill. I was not disappointing at all.
Lets get the nitty gritty out of the way first. I purchased it off ,I paid $14.00 for the product. You need to keep an eye on the specials at the moment they have a 65% Spring break Special. They unfortunately don’t offer free shipping for international orders yet. They have this palette on special atm for $8.99 valid till 03/03/2017. Don’t worry If you miss this sale they have one very often.
Swatches:I have swathed every row and taken a photo with or without flash.

First Row:

Second Row:

Third Row:

Fourth Row:

Application: I have applied these wet and dry and I definitely feel that they apply much better wet than dry. When applied dry you don’t get the full foil experience.

Color range: There is a good amount of range in this pallet, however these are definitely more cool toned shades than warm tones there is 12 warm shades and 16 cool shades.

Staying power: They Blend very well, I did find that when any intricate blending is done they melt into one another. However, with the right primer and the right application they last the whole day.

Feel/texture: They are definitely not as buttery as I thought they would be. They do swatch well and are very high pigmented.

Packaging: The outer packaging is very sturdy however the same cannot be said for the inner slots that the pans are in is very flimsy. I was going to depot them into a Z palette but read that there pans are not magnetic so just be warned that you would need to buy magnetic stickers if you didn’t get with your Z palette.

Overall: These are fantastic for the price and quality. They are vegan and paraben free. The pigment is excellent. The only thing I can fault them on are that they have talc in them. Its not a problem for me as I don’t have sensitive eyes but if you do please be aware of that.

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All my love



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