Fabulous Five

We all have one or two products that are our safety net. The products that we know, will not disappoint us. No matter how many other products there are out there that are made for the same purpose. This is my first blog and I thought I should start by sharing my go to products.

1. Carli Bybel eye shadow and highlighter pallet.

I can go on for hours about this pallet. Starting at the packaging of the product which is pure perfection. The pallet has ten eye shadow shades and four highlighters. Half of the eye shadow shades have a matte finish and the other half has a shimmer finish. It has a great balance of warm and cool tones. The four highlighters compare well to the Becca highlighters. The pigmentation of both the products is excellent. No matter the tone of your skin. You will find this to be a wonderful and useful product to use on a day-to-day basis.



2.Woolworths face make-up finishing spray.

This is this first product, that I make sure is in my bag when I go out for the night. This is not a setting spray. Although I do find that it does make my make-up last longer. It is infused with cucumber and chamomile. It leaves your face feeling hydrated and light. It removes that cakey feeling and it provides a dewy look to your makeup.



3.Maybelline Instant Age Rewind concealer.(light pale)

As many woman I too suffer from dark circles under my eye. The product has a matte finish and in all my years using make-up, I have not come across a product that can cover my dark circles as well as this product. It does however crease so you need to have a good setting powder.



4.OFRA eyebrow pencil.(universal)

This water-resistant pencil is the best product i have used and it has kicked all other products out of the ball park. It is formulated with beeswax, so the application is smooth and safe for most sensitive eyes. The only thing I wished would be different is that it would be a wind out pencil instead of the wooden one. I really feel like I am wasting product when sharpening it. The colour suites my hair perfectly and it looks natural.


5.Essence Silky touch blush( Life’s a cherry)

I received this as a gift last year. I honestly didn’t think I would use it. Towards the end of the year I was looking for my favourite Catrice blush when I found this and decided to use it. It has become my favourite blush. Just be advised that you need to use a light hand when picking up the product or you might end up looking like Chico the clown.


What is your favourite five products. Have you used any of the above mentioned products and what was your take on them.

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All my love



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